India is going through a phase of evolution. Through the country has come way ahead of its primitive self, it has now become a breeding ground for urbanization and development. Commercial projects are at an all-time high. People are gradually moving away from nature and are nestling themselves in cities. With the world going tech-savvy, little can be done to bring them closer to nature. But today, the world has seen the ill effects of not giving the environment its deserved space. Encroachment of forests and natural establishments has ‘urbanized’ the world but has also put it in harm’s way. However, meticulous steps are being taken to cope with the fast-developing world, and there exist sustainable options that integrate nature with urbanized institutions. 


What is a rooftop garden? 

If cities encroach a natural establishment, then what is the next viable option for integrating nature back into the cycle? The introduction of the gardens in the cities itself is the first itself to make a feasible and sustainable environment. The modern-day architectural plans support this concept. People who live in large urbanized areas and have not been exposed to nature for the maximum part of their lifespan have now come to realize the importance of integrating life with the urbanized establishments. Rooftop gardening is one such method that is gaining ground in fast-growing cities. People from significant metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore have resorted to rooftop gardening as the first step towards moving closer to nature. Roof gardens come with added benefits such as maintaining a purified atmosphere around the house and providing you with healthy and nutritious edibles. Growing vegetables and fruits have become a pretty essential step for people who have opted for a roof garden. 


Landscaping for a rooftop garden

Green roofs offer an array of benefits to the urban environment. These benefits range from being ecological to economic. So, for designing a roof garden, there are some basic ideas which you need to keep in mind. The garden designing of a roof can be simplified into the following steps:

1.    Multilayer system

2.    Water Proofing

3.    Proper drainage

4.    Growing medium

5.    Plants selection

6.    Irrigation

The multilayer system includes a waterproof membrane, drainage layers, and a specialized soil medium for adequate rooting and development of the plants. Waterproofing provides the most litigation to the plants as it ensures that during seasonal change, the plant does not get over-watered by the rain. A proper drainage facility prevents the flooding of the plants and ensures that the plants hold their ground firm. The growing medium is critical to the roof garden and is generally a combination of natural mineral components, artificial mineral components, and organic components. The selection of the type of plant is also crucial as you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. The availability of resources, aesthetics, function, climate, and the type of roof are critical while choosing a plant for your roof garden. This will complete the roof garden architecture.


Benefits of Rooftop Garden

While landscaping for a rooftop garden, keep in mind that it comes with numerous benefits. The roof garden architecture helps in the mitigation of urban heat, reduction of dust, smoke and noise levels, improved water quality, and reduced energy consumption. The Garden designing for roofs is also a learning experience for the people owning it. We, at GN Landscapes , help you design the perfect garden on your roof.


Why GN Landscapes ? 

GN Landscapes works with tons of experts who have ideas on roof garden architecture. We are renowned for making enthralling gardens and integrating them with commercial projects. We believe that a perfect and sustainable world is possible if everyone who is in touch with urbanized establishments takes up landscaping their roofs for a garden. You can also have a peek at our portfolio before going through with your decision. Make a smart choice and choose GN Landscapes as your guide towards building the perfect roof garden. We won’t disappoint you for sure!